The Program

The Science Behind Thrive 45

Each workout was strategically designed and crafted for ‘functional movement’, meaning all three planes of motion. It isn’t just about moving forward and backward, but also about side to side and through what we call, ‘transverse plane’. This helps to prevent injury, and allow your muscles to constantly be challenged in different ways so you can feel stronger, leaner and empowered.
Every workout has about a five minute warm up to help prevent injuries, and to fire up specific muscles you will be using for that workout.

These workouts include elements of muscular endurance, strength training, and high intensity interval work. It is meant to increase your metabolism through lean muscle gain, along with burn fat if in combination with nutrition, hydration, sleep and stress management.

The Workout

There are 3 workouts for 45 minutes each over 12 weeks with upper body, lower body, and full body sections.

Workout Sections

The upper body workout includes, biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, and core. The lower body workout includes, quads, glutes, calves, and core.The full body workout includes every muscle, while also testing your coordination and mind with compound movements.



Every workout is for time versus reps *see our recommendation for a timer app*
These workouts are ‘muscular endurance’, meaning lighter weight, higher reps: be sure to challenge yourself so by the last few seconds of each movement you are at the point of fatigue in your muscles, while still maintaining form.

Every workout ends with a short static stretch cool down, where you hold each stretch for a solid 30-60 seconds to decrease soreness and increase muscle recovery so you are ready to crush your next workout.


Since the workouts are primarily strength workouts with cardiovascular elements, it is recommended to add 2 cardio workouts, such as long walks, light jogs, sprints, spin, or any other favorite form of cardiovascular modalities. It is also recommended to add an extra 5 minutes of stretching to the end of each workout to increase flexibility.


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